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you would date chris brown ,if he was gay ?

Would I date Chris Brown if he were gay… alright, there are a few hurdles…. haha…Let me re-do your question and then answer it:

Would you date Chris Brown if he were gay, you were single and you could look past the domestic violence that he’s known for?  Then yes.  :-)

I think Chris Brown is gorgeous.  His face, his body… everything is stunning.  Physically speaking… he’s all dude and totally gets me going… but I do have a big problem with the domestic abuse stuff that he’s been known to do.  It tells me that he has an awful temper… which would scare me.  But if we took that out of the mix, and the most perfect man in my life didn’t exist… then yea, I would definitely say yes if Chris Brown and I were hanging out and he told me that he was gay.  :-)

Cool question… :-D